Layering Necklaces


Let's start at the top. 14" and shorter chains are a fun and sexy way to accentuate your neck. While 16" to 18" chains are a perfect length for everyday, your top's neckline should determine what length to start at. If you are wearing a high neckline, we recommend starting your layers below to create the perfect look.

As you layer, add a new necklace every 2" (or more) and mix chain thickness to help prevent tangles. We have a number of necklaces that allow you to choose between 16" or 18". This makes it easy to swap designs between layers for a new look everyday. 


Adjustable 16" - 18” Necklaces

16” Necklaces

Define Your Style

Don't be afraid to mix metals or shapes. To create a more dramatic look, start with a short necklace and then skip ahead to longer chains. This style also looks great with deep V shirts, chunky sweaters, and dresses too!

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